VIM - Vi IMproved : LaTeX's Macros

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Choice of a text editor is quite personnal... but between (X)emacs and Vim, my choice was fast (no troll, please ^_^).

Vim brings many things, but 3 characteristics are really important for me :

So i modified my vimrc to use Vim with LaTeX in a more pleasant way; to play with the personnalisation functions of vim, and of course because i'm a really big fan of LaTeX ;-)

On this screenshot, which shows a LaTeX file and its result, we could see some icons I added to Vim, in order to simplify the macros' utilisation.

Some Help

Ok, this screenshot is'nt really cool ;-) but hey... I put a little page with examples which could reassure you...
The icon descriptions are on this page. The Vimrc is here.


The tgz is here. For the installation, just decompress vimlatex.tgz, copy the vimrc file in your home directory (name it .vimrc if you haven't one, else copy the content in), and put the directory "bitmaps" in the vim directory (something like /usr/share/vim).


Well, those macros aren't perfect, but could be quite useful for some people. So, if you have remarks, ideas, bug's reports, etc, you could send me a mail to
Thanks to Luc Hermitte, which give me good advices on Vim macros on fr.comp.text.tex .