Macros utilisation's examples

a) Style Changement

We could select a word, a sentence, to change its style (bold, italic, small caps, etc) :

We click on the desired button (here small caps) :

Hop, "papi psdofsd" will be printed in small caps... (which is a really interessting fact, as we must admit)

b) Sheet Creation

Sheet Creation with LaTeX isn't really intuitive... So i wrote a little function to simplify this processus. The principe is to make a sheet by just create a "text sheet", with colonnas separated with tabulations.

Here's a snap of the vim start state then :

We just select the sheet's lines (with the mouse or by a Shift-V for example)

... then we click on the sheet icon (the most right on the toolbar), or we could type '_mt' to launch the macro.
The macro ran and ask for the number of colonnas (under vim 6 it could be automatized) :

And this is the result :

Pretty cool, isn't it ? :-)


Well, those macros aren't perfect, but could be quite useful for some people. So, if you have remarks, ideas, bug's reports, etc, you could send me a mail to I must also point that, of course, all icons have a keyboad-equivalent. You could see the details of icon's uses here.

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